Day 3: 21 Prayers that Changed Everything

21 Prayers that Changed Everything

Day 3

Exodus 33:12-15
Moses was known for having a friend-to-friend relationship with God. In this passage, their interaction clearly demonstrates this. The Bible itself describes their conversations as that of two best friends, speaking face to face (Exodus 33:11).

In this instance, God tells Moses that He will not be accompanying His people to the promise land, instead He will have an angel lead them and protect them. Moses immediately reacts by telling God that he would rather stay in the dessert than to go without His presence. (Moses understood that the presence of God made all of the difference.) As any true friend, Moses was honest when he disagreed with God and he was not afraid to express it. What is more beautiful, is that God actually changed his decision to comply with Moses’ desire. There is no doubt Moses had favor with God. God kept His word and accompanied them to the Promise Land.
This conversations revealed how genuine their friendship was.

Prayer Focus: Be intentional to pray as if you’re talking to a friend today. God desires to have a genuine relationship with you too. Not just at church but in your daily life. He wants to interact, converse, and be involved in every detail of your life, even in the ones you might think are not as important. Ultimately, He wants to be your best friend. Have you talked to your best friend today?

Exodus 33:12-15
12 One day Moses said to the Lord, “You have been telling me, ‘Take these people up to the Promised Land.’ But you haven’t told me whom you will send with me. You have told me, ‘I know you by name, and I look favorably on you.’ 13 If it is true that you look favorably on me, let me know your ways so I may understand you more fully and continue to enjoy your favor. And remember that this nation is your very own people.” 14 The Lord replied, “I will personally go with you, Moses, 
and I will give you rest—everything will be fine for you.”
15 Then Moses said, “If you don’t personally go with us, don’t make us leave this place.

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