Connect Groups

Grupos de Conexion

Where people find their people.

Connect Groups are where you’ll find people to run with, and some to run too.
You will have the opportunity to Grow with one another in God’s Word and spiritually through community, discipleship and relationships.
You will also embark on a journey of self-discovery and how to live on purpose. It’s fun, we promise!


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Co-Ed Connect

We believe that growth is intentional, and what better way to grow than in community! Join us as we grow in relationships, leadership, and faith while walking with others. We will meet weekly in person. Every Thursday Night at 7:30PM.
Led by Danny & Vanessa Cano
Created for: Young Adult Men & Women
Age:  18 - 35
Day & Time: Thursday 730pm

Women's Connect

Understanding who we are, why we were created and living on purpose is such a powerful thing. That is what this connect group is all about. A community of women discovering our identity and living it out to the fullest! Wether you're a mom, wife, grandmother or neither, we all have an identity that needs to be discovered and lived out. Join us!
Led by Lilian
Created for: Women
Age:  35+
Day & Time: Thursday 730pm
Location: TBD